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was born in the Netherlands, but was raised in New Guinea and Surinam. Her early signs for creative pursuits included dance and fine art. While working in a cafe in Amsterdam, Jessica met Paul and together they founded and maintained two successful stores in the heart of Amsterdam. This is where she honed her extensive knowledge of leather craft.


You will meet Jessica when you visit Large Leather on the Sonoma Plaza.



established Large Leather in Amsterdam in 1975. He was born in Oakland, California and attended UC Berkeley. After traveling through Europe and all around India, Paul returned to Amsterdam to start his own business, Large Leather. Family reasons brought Paul back to the bay area in 1987, and for 25 years he exhibited his leather works at Arts & Crafts festivals in California, Arizona and Nevada. Now you will find these same extraordinary works at Large Leather in Sonoma, California.


The finest handmade

leather products

What is Aniline Dyed Leather? Also called Natural, Pure, Naked or Unprotected Leather in its purest form is called aniline leather. Aniline leather is made from the best quality hides. It is dyed, but has no pigment or topcoat applied. It has a luxurious look and a soft, natural feel. Its our leather of choice.

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