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The Smallest Store On The Historic Sonoma Plaza ... Amsterdam Too!


Yes, that's where it all started, Amsterdam, Netherlands. For 16-years, master leather craftsmen, Paul Terwilliger and Dutch born Jessica Zoutendijk, worked in Amsterdam’s Waterloo Plein district handcrafting fine leather goods at their two store locations. One storefront in Amsterdam was identified as the smallest in the city. That's the same distinction they share today at their Sonoma Plaza shop in Sonoma, California. 


Large Leather in Sonoma designs high-quality, handmade leather goods like the master leather crafters of Europe. They take great pride in their fine leather products and guarantee all workmanship. “We’re old school,” says Zoutendijk. “We design our products, cut the leather, do all the stitching, everything. And it’s top quality.” 


Next time you're in Sonoma on the Sonoma Plaza stop in and experience the Large Leather difference in quality leather products you'll be proud to own.





Original Large Leather Amsterdam Storefront Window

Original Large Leather Amsterdam Poster

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